Welcome to Plain Congregational Church

Martin-BraemerPastor Martin Braemer

Plain Congregational Christian Church is happy to announce that we have called Martin Braemer (Pastor Marty) as our full time senior pastor. His first Sunday will be June 4, 2017. We are excited and looking forward to working with him and his family.

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Our congregation includes young families, hard workers, children, and senior citizens. The inviting and welcoming atmosphere is extended to young families (we don’t mind if your little one makes noise during worship) and the elderly (we have easy-access parking in the front and a handicapped equipped restroom). Some people in the congregation are country folks, others are townies.

Each Sunday at 10:15 am, we enjoy a blend of contemporary music from our band mixed with the rich heritage of our traditional choir. You’ll find beautifully crafted pews with comfortable padded seating, some lovely stained glass, and the latest digital video projection for multimedia. We honor our traditional past while embracing the present with useful technologies.

After each worship gathering, you’re invited to Linger Longer in our Fellowship Area while we enjoy refreshments and conversation with each other. This is a great way to make a friend, meet the pastor, and grow in your connection with the Church.